Organize your photos and videos

In your Gallery, there are several ways to view photos and videos you've taken. Camera roll lets you scroll through in chronological order. But your Library and your Online collection lets you sort and group in more flexible ways. You can create albums. If you've enabled location services, you can browse photos by where you took them. And you can also use custom tags. Tag photos on your phone and when you upload them to photo sharing sites, the tags stay with the photo. That way you can view by tags in your online collection as well.

In your Gallery, you can sort photos and videos in your Library and your Online collection in several ways:

To create an album of photos and videos:

  1. Touch > Gallery > Camera roll.
  2. Touch > Select multiple and put a check mark by each item to include in the album.
  3. Touch > More > Add to album and name the album.

If you want to sort your photos and videos by tags, there are several ways to tag photos: