Your MOTOBLUR account

The first time you turned on your phone, you registered for a MOTOBLUR account that manages your messages, contacts and more (Set up & go). You can log into this account from a PC to upload contacts, reset your password, get help or even locate your phone:


MOTODEFY™+ is a phone with social skills.

Now, the only service that can sync all your friends, emails, messages and Facebook®, MySpace, Twitter feeds and happenings with continuous updates and back-ups, along with the ability to remotely locate and wipe your phone if it is ever lost or stolen, just got better. Introducing the latest MOTOBLUR. MOTOBLUR offers new features that give you more control, including customisable filters that let you view your messages and happenings any way you like, the ability to move and resize preloaded widgets and new ways to manage your battery life and data consumption.