Specific absorption rate (ICNIRP)


Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio waves (radio frequency electromagnetic fields) recommended by international guidelines. The guidelines were developed by an independent scientific organisation (ICNIRP) and include a substantial safety margin designed to assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health.

The radio wave exposure guidelines use a unit of measurement known as the Specific absorption rate, or SAR. The SAR limit for mobile devices is 2 W/kg.

Tests for SAR are conducted using standard operating positions with the device transmitting at its highest certified power level in all tested frequency bands. The highest SAR values under the ICNIRP guidelines for your device model are listed below:

Head SAR

UMTS 900 + WiFi + Bluetooth

1,09 W/kg

Body-worn SAR

UMTS 900 + WiFi + Bluetooth

0,58 W/kg

During use, the actual SAR values for your device are usually well below the values stated. This is because, for purposes of system efficiency and to minimise interference on the network, the operating power of your mobile device is automatically decreased when full power is not needed for the call. The lower the power output of the device, the lower its SAR value.

Body-worn SAR testing has been carried out using an approved accessory or at a separation distance of 2.5 cm (1 inch). To meet RF exposure guidelines during body-worn operation, the device should be in an approved accessory or positioned at least 2.5 cm (1 inch) away from the body. If you are not using an approved accessory, ensure that whatever product is used is free of any metal and that it positions the phone at least 2.5 cm (1 inch) away from the body.

The World Health Organisation has stated that present scientific information does not indicate the need for any special precautions for the use of mobile devices. They recommend that if you are interested in further reducing your exposure then you can easily do so by limiting your usage or simply using a hands-free kit to keep the device away from the head and body.

Additional information can be found at www.who.int/emf (World Health Organisation) or www.motorola.com/rfhealth (Motorola Mobility, Inc.).