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TrueSync Plus 3.1 Upgrade

You will need your original TrueSync Software installed on your machine for an upgrade to TrueSync 3.1.




If you have already purchased this kit (98326 or 98320), click on the download button for a FREE upgrade to TrueSync 3.1

NOTE: You must uninstall the previous version of TrueSync before installing the new version.


PC/System Requirements:
Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 1, NT 4.0 1,2 and XP only.

Pentium 90 MHz or higher

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0/5.5/6.0

TrueSync 3.1 is compatible with Outlook 97/98/2000/2002, Lotus Notes versions 5.0-5.6 and Palm/Palm Desktop 3.0-4.0.

Please note:

USB Data kit is not supported on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95 or early version of Windows 98.

TrueSync Plus 3.1 no longer supports the following applications and devices. If you upgrade to TrueSync Plus 3.1 you will lose the ability to synchronize with these applications and devices.

  • Accompli A6188
  • Accompli A6288/008
  • ACT!
  • Excite
  • L-Series Phone
  • L-Series Plus Phone
  • Mitsubishi
  • Myosphere
  • On Time
  • Organizer 97, GS and 4.1
  • PageWriter 2000x
  • Portico
  • REX and REX Pro
  • Schedule+
  • Sidekick
  • StarTAC ClipOn Organizer
  • Timeport P930/P935
  • TrueSync Desktop



Windows ME, Windows 2000 1 & Windows XP support

For Timeport P930/P935 or PageWriter 2000x Wisdom OS only



  Is your PC running Windows 2000 1, Windows ME or Windows XP? Support for your desktop applications is here!


Installation notes:

This support file is for PCs running Windows 2000 1, Windows ME or Windows XP only. You will need your original Timeport Software Solutions CD for installing and upgrading.

Updated Help and infrared troubleshooting guidelines for Windows 2000 1, Windows ME and Windows XP are also included in the setup file.

1.  If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows NT, you must have administrative privileges on your computer profile to install TrueSync or Timeport Software Application.

2.  USB Data kit is not supported on Windows NT 4.0 or early versions of Windows 98 & Windows 95.