Motorola Phone Portal

Your can use Motorola Phone Portal (MPP) to connect your phone and computer with a cable or a Wi-Fi® network. Just connect your phone to your computer over a Wi-Fi network or a USB cable.

Note: Most public Wi-Fi networks (like the ones at coffee shops) don’t let devices connect to each other. In that case, you need a USB connection.

If you use a cable, your computer might install drivers (you can download drivers at If Motorola MediaLink lauches instead, right-click in your task bar, choose to launch MPP when the phone connects, then reconnect your phone to open the MPP home screen..

If you use a Wi-Fi network, touch > Phone Portal to show an MPP URL that you can enter in any computer browser on the network to open the MPP home screen!

Note: MPP works best with Internet Explorer 7 or newer, with Java script and cookies enabled.