Mobile Devices Experiences Policy

This privacy policy addresses how Motorola Mobility LLC, a Google Company (“Motorola,” “we,” or “us”) collects, uses, shares, retains, and protects information about our products, services, and users. It does not apply to any apps or services that we have not developed, including Google’s mobile services and third party apps you may choose to use.


Motorola Experiences. Motorola products like mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices as well as applications, software, content and services we develop. Motorola Experiences may be downloaded from or updated through an app store; installed as an update or enhancement by Motorola; accessed through a web browser; or downloaded onto your computer.

  • Update Data. Information that we use to determine whether there is an update or enhancement available for your Motorola Experiences and when to notify you, like:
  • Device Identifiers and software versions of your Motorola Experiences.
  • Whether you are connected to a cellular or wifi network.

  • Performance Data. Information about how well the Motorola Experiences are working for you like:
  • Device Identifiers like your Motorola products’ unique hardware ID numbers.
  • Information about your Motorola Experiences’ versions and settings.
  • When Motorola Experiences or downloaded apps crash or malfunction.
  • When Motorola products’ batteries drain faster than expected.
  • How well your Motorola products connect to cellular and data networks.
  • Statistics on processor and memory usage.

  • Personal Information. Information that personally identifies or describes you, whether alone or in combination with other information, like:
  • Your name and contact information.
  • A Motorola ID used to access some Motorola Experiences.
  • Apps you use on your Motorola products.
  • What you’re doing when you use Motorola products, like driving, working, exercising, or sleeping. Collectively, we call this Contextual Information.

  • Sensitive Personal Information. A special category of Personal Information relating to confidential facts about you, like:
  • Coarse or fine geolocation information about your Motorola products.
  • Your picture and recordings of your voice.
  • Your call log, text messages, contacts, and calendar entries.

  • Non-Personally-Identifiable Information also includes information that does not identify a specific individual Motorola product, like:
  • Performance Data and Contextual Information collected from multiple users after removing Personal Information and Device Identifiers.
  • How often you use Motorola Experiences and their various features.
  • The kinds of accessories you use with Motorola Experiences like docks and headsets.

We may also define terms in bold text elsewhere in this privacy policy.

How do the Motorola Experiences collect and use information?

Motorola Experiences use information to keep your Motorola products working their best and help you make the most of them.

  • We collect Update Data to determine whether or not there is an available update or enhancement for your Motorola Experiences.
  • We may collect and use Personal Information, Performance Data, and Non-Personally Identifiable Information that you have chosen to share with us to create a User Profile. This lets us:
  • Give your Motorola Experiences the information they need to function.
  • Troubleshoot problems with your Motorola Experiences.
  • Suggest ways to make your Motorola Experiences work better.
  • Help improve the way you access and use Google services from your Motorola products.
  • Provide you with news, updates and information concerning Motorola products and services.
  • We collect and analyze Non-Personally-Identifiable Information to identify ways to improve the Motorola Experiences, such as by helping prioritize bug fixes to make them work better and identifying ways to make the Motorola Experiences easier to use.
  • We do not collect or use Sensitive Personal Information unless it is absolutely necessary to support Motorola Experiences you are actively using.
  • Certain Motorola Experiences that you may use on supported devices need access to Personal Information, Sensitive Personal Information, and/or Performance Data:

    • Active Notifications uses Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information to give you quick access to your most important notifications. This information includes:
    • Information about your contacts and calendars. We use this information to deliver notifications straight to your Motorola products’ displays. On supported products, this information will periodically appear on your Active Display so that you can get important information at a glance without having to power on the screen or unlock your home screen.
  • Droid Zap uses Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information to let you easily share photos and videos with groups of people within about 1000 feet of your location. This information includes:
    • Your Google account. We use this to enable you to send and receive content.
    • Your location. We use coarse location information to determine who can access your shared photos and whether you can access photos nearby people are sharing.
    • Your photos. We upload your photos and videos so that friends you have shared them with can download them. We make your content available briefly to let people download them and delete them (along with associated metadata) from our server after giving time to complete downloads in progress. You can choose to restrict who can download your photos by setting a random PIN so that only people you share the number with can download them.
  • Motorola Assist uses Contextual Information and Sensitive Personal Information to detect certain activities and automate appropriate settings changes and other common tasks. This information includes:
    • Whether you might be driving. We determine this by using your location and information from location services like GPS or wifi location services to determine how fast you’re moving.
    • Whether you’re busy in a meeting. We use Information about entries in your calendar to figure this out.
    • When you might be asleep. We use information about what time it is and when you tell us you’re likely to be in bed.
    • Who your favorite contacts are and your call log. We use this information to know when to let important calls through even if you’re busy or asleep.
  • Moto Care uses Personal Information, Non-Personally-Identifiable Information, and Performance Data to help troubleshoot your Motorola Experiences and to give you tips on how to improve their performance and stability. Our customer support representatives can use this data to diagnose issues and recommend ways to improve battery life, stability, and performance. You can also access some of these tips at your personal Moto Care dashboard or through your device's Moto Care or Help app.
  • Motorola Connect uses Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information to deliver notifications and messages from your Motorola devices to any computer that supports Google Chrome browser extensions so you can respond to calls and send and receive text and MMS messages from your Chrome browser. We use a Motorola-operated server to store and sync this call logs, contacts, and text and MMS messages and keep them synced to your Chrome browser.
  • Motorola Migrate uses wireless antennas to transfer certain content and settings (which may include Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information) from your old devices directly to your new Motorola products. Migrate copies content directly from device to device and never uploads it to a server. This information includes:
    • Contacts and calendar information not synced to an online account.
    • Text messages and call logs.
    • Photos, videos, and music stored on your old devices.
  • Motorola Spotlight Stories uses Update Data to deliver digital content like interactive animated shorts to your Motorola device. Motorola Spotlight Stories does not deliver ads to your device or access any of your personal information. This privacy policy explains how to disable Motorola Spotlight Stories and remove any downloaded content in its section on choices. Unless you choose to disable it, Motorola Spotlight Stories will periodically:
    • Automatically download new content when you are connected to a wifi network.
    • Tell you when you have new content in a special way that's unique to each story, such as a floating icon you can touch to launch the story.
    • Use your devices sensors and controls to let you interact with the movie in new ways.
  • Quick Capture uses Contextual Information to detect when you are using a gesture to automatically launch the Camera application without having to select the application from your home screen or app tray.
  • Touchless Control uses Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information to let you give voice commands to your Motorola products without having to physically touch them. This information includes:
    • A recording of the last few seconds of audio around the product where you’re using Touchless Control. We continuously overwrite this recording so we only ever have a few seconds of audio at a time. We use the recording to listen to identify and process your commands.
    • A voiceprint made from recordings of your voice. We use it to prevent other people from triggering voice commands and do not upload it to any Motorola servers and to determine when you are about to say a command.
    • We share the recording with Google in order to execute Google voice actions and to generate a text transcript that we use to process Motorola-specific local commands.

    Do the Motorola Experiences share information with third parties?

    We limit sharing of information described in this privacy policy to certain types of third parties who help us use it for purposes you have agreed to. They include:

    • Service providers who provide hosting, data analysis, and customer support functions.
    • Affiliates of Motorola who help provide functionality for the Motorola Experiences and who help Motorola use information as described in this privacy policy.
    • Wireless carriers, subject to your customer agreement with them.
    • Law enforcement and other government agencies subject to valid legal process.
    • Other third parties helping us protect our rights, our users’ rights, and the rights of others.

    Before we share information with a service provider, we enter contracts with them that restrict their use of information to authorized purposes.

    What are my choices with respect to the collection, use, and sharing of information?

    You can control whether we collect Personal Information and Performance Data for Moto Care, analysis, and User Profile purposes by visiting Settings > Privacy on your Motorola Products and choosing whether to turn these Motorola Experiences on or off.

    You can control whether the Motorola Experiences (or any apps you may use) have access to your location by activating and deactivating location service providers like GPS and Google Location Services by visiting Settings > PERSONAL > Location access.

    You can control whether other Motorola Experiences collect information from you by visiting each Motorola Experience’s Privacy Settings and turning them on or off. You can find these settings here:

    • Active Display: Settings > Active Display > Privacy Policy
    • Motorola Connect: Settings > Motorola Connect > Privacy Policy
    • Droid Zap: Settings > Droid Zap > Privacy Policy
    • Motorola Assist: Assist > Settings > Privacy Policy
    • Motorola Migrate: Migrate does not use any information unless you actively choose to use it.
    • Motorola Spotlight Stories: Motorola Spotlight Stories Open the app tray, select the Widgets pane, long press on the Spotlight icon, drag it to app info, tap "Uninstall Updates", and then tap "Disable." To enable Motorola Spotlight later, go to Settings > Apps > Disabled > Spotlight > , and select "Enable".
    • Quick Capture: Turn Quick Capture on or off by swiping from left to right to access your Camera settings.
    • Touchless Control: Settings > Touchless Control > Privacy Policy

    If you disable any Motorola Experiences, they won’t collect information.

    You can delete your User Profile by sending a request to or contacting our customer service team by phone, email, or Internet chat.

    Some Motorola Experiences may work with companion products like Bluetooth accessories, NFC tags, and other hardware or downloadable software.

    The Motorola Experiences have received TRUSTe's Privacy Seal signifying that TRUSTe has reviewed our privacy policy and practices for compliance with TRUSTe's program requirements including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of Personal Information. The TRUSTe program does not cover information that may be collected through third-party software installed on your Motorola products or through downloadable applications. TRUSTe's mission, as an independent third party, is to accelerate online trust among consumers and organizations globally through its leading privacy trustmark and innovative trust solutions. You may contact TRUSTe if you wish to file a complaint about our privacy program.

    View the Motorola Experiences’ TRUSTe privacy certification.

    How do you store and protect information you have collected and shared?

    We use standard technical and organizational safeguards when we transmit information from your Motorola products to our servers, when we store data, and when we share it with third parties. Before we share information with third parties, they sign contracts that require them to use appropriate safeguards to protect the information that we have provided to them. However, no data stored on a mobile device or transmitted over a wireless or interactive network can ever be 100 percent secure, and many of the communications you make using the Motorola Experiences will be accessible to third parties. By using the Motorola Experiences you understand that you do so at your own risk.

    Our products include features designed to help you protect the information you store on your Motorola products, such as:

    • Encryption.
    • Face unlock.
    • Password and PIN unlock.
    • Remote control over your Motorola products so you can locate, lock, and erase lost or stolen devices.

    You can learn more about these features at Settings > Security & Screen Lock.

    When we collect information described in this privacy policy, we will retain it on our servers as long as necessary to support the Motorola Experiences you are using. If you stop using a Motorola Experience, we will delete information uploaded to our servers as required by law and our own policies.

    We may transfer, use, and store information that the Motorola Experiences collect outside of the country it came from. These places may include jurisdictions whose privacy laws do not provide equivalent protection to such laws in your home country. We take appropriate steps to treat your information securely and in accordance with this privacy policy, our terms of use, and applicable laws and regulations. Use the Motorola Experiences constitutes your specific consent to the transfer of information described in this privacy policy.

    What about my child’s privacy?

    The Motorola Experiences are intended for adults and children ages 13 and up who have permission to use them from their parents or legal guardians. We do not seek to collect information about children under the age of 13 and will delete any as soon as we discover it. We also encourage parents to actively supervise their children’s use of the Motorola Experiences.

    How do I contact Motorola’s privacy program?

    For other questions or requests about the use of your information, including requests to opt out of the collection or use of certain kinds of information, please contact Motorola's Privacy Compliance Program at:

    Motorola Mobility LLC
    Attention: Privacy Compliance Program
    600 North U.S. Highway 45
    Mailstop: W4-35M
    Libertyville, Illinois 60048 USA

    We use and store information that we collect from the Motorola Experiences in the United States of America. Use of the Motorola Experiences outside of the United States constitutes your specific consent to the transfer of information described in this privacy statement, to the United States, even if United States laws may not provide the same level of protection for collected information as laws applicable in your home country.

    This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

    We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time. If we make a change to this privacy policy, we will make previous versions available so that you can see when changes occurred and what they are. If one or more Motorola Experiences changes the way they collect, store, transfer, or otherwise use Personal Information, we will ask for your permission before activating the new or modified Motorola Experiences.