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Mobile Devices Experiences Policy

This privacy policy addresses how Motorola Mobility LLC, a Google Company (“Motorola,” “we,” or “us”) collects, uses, shares, retains, and protects information about our products, services, and users. It does not apply to any apps or services that we have not developed, including Google’s mobile services and third party apps you may choose to use.



Motorola Experiences. Motorola products like mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices as well as applications, software, content and services we develop. Motorola Experiences may be downloaded from or updated through an app store; installed as an update or enhancement by Motorola; accessed through a web browser; or downloaded onto your computer.

  • Update Data. Information that we use to determine whether there is an update or enhancement available for your Motorola Experiences and when to notify you, like:
  • Device Identifiers and software versions of your Motorola Experiences.
  • Whether you are connected to a cellular or wifi network.
  • Performance Data. Information about how well the Motorola Experiences are working for you like:
  • Device Identifiers like your Motorola products’ unique hardware ID numbers.
  • Information about your Motorola Experiences’ versions and settings.
  • When Motorola Experiences or downloaded apps crash or malfunction.
  • When Motorola products’ batteries drain faster than expected.
  • How well your Motorola products connect to cellular and data networks.
  • Statistics on processor and memory usage.
  • Personal Information. Information that personally identifies or describes you, whether alone or in combination with other information, like:
  • Your name and contact information.
  • A Motorola ID used to access some Motorola Experiences.
  • Apps you use on your Motorola products.
  • What you’re doing when you use Motorola products, like driving, working, exercising, or sleeping. Collectively, we call this Contextual Information.
  • Sensitive Personal Information. A special category of Personal Information relating to confidential facts about you, like:
  • Coarse or fine geolocation information about your Motorola products.
  • Your picture and recordings of your voice.
  • Your call log, text messages, contacts, and calendar entries.
  • Non-Personally-Identifiable Information also includes information that does not identify a specific individual Motorola product, like:
  • Performance Data and Contextual Information collected from multiple users after removing Personal Information and Device Identifiers.
  • How often you use Motorola Experiences and their various features.
  • The kinds of accessories you use with Motorola Experiences like docks and headsets.

We may also define terms in bold text elsewhere in this privacy policy.


Motorola Experiences Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice. 
What does this Privacy Policy cover? 
How can the Motorola Experiences collect and use information? 
What kinds of third parties does Motorola share information with? 
How does Motorola store and protect information it has collected and shared? 
What about my child’s privacy? 
How do I contact Motorola’s privacy program? 
What are the details of how specific Motorola Experiences collect and use information? 
Keeping your Motorola Experiences up to date 
Helping Improve the Motorola Experiences and Getting Enhanced Support 
Creating a user profile 
Providing Motorola Experiences functionality 
Active Display 
Droid Zap 
Motorola Alert 
Motorola Connect 
Motorola Migrate 
Motorola Mix
Motorola Spotlight Stories
Motorola SmartActions

This Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice.

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time.  If we make a change to this privacy policy, we will make previous versions available so that you can see when changes occurred and what they are. If one or more Motorola Experiences changes the way they collect, store, transfer, or otherwise use Personal Information, we will ask for your permission before activating the new or modified Motorola Experiences. This privacy policy is effective as of September 3, 2014. 
What does this Privacy Policy cover?

This privacy policy explains how Motorola Mobility LLC (“Motorola,” “we,” or “us”) collects, uses, shares, retains, and protects information about our products, services, and users.

It applies to Motorola products you own and Motorola software and services you use under license provided by the Motorola Experiences Terms and Conditions.

Collectively, we call these these products, services, and software the Motorola Experiences.

This privacy policy does not apply to third-party software and services you install on or otherwise access through your Motorola products or to any Motorola software or services you use under an individual license separate from the Motorola Experiences Terms and Conditions.

How can the Motorola Experiences collect and use information?

The Motorola Experiences can use information to keep your Motorola products working their best and help you make the most of them. This includes:

  • Keeping your Motorola Experiences up to date. We’re always working to provide updates that fix bugs and deliver new features. We always collect and use information we need to keep the Motorola Experiences up to date. 
  • Helping improve the Motorola Experiences and Getting Enhanced Support. We want to make sure your products, services, and software are always working their best. If you choose to allow it, we collect and use information to identify performance trends, prioritize bug fixes, develop new features, and troubleshoot issues you may be having with the Motorola Experiences. 
  • Creating a User Profile. We may create a profile of your use of our products, services, and websites based on information we have collected from you and your Motorola products. We use the profile to provide services and support and to make improvements to our offerings. 
  • Providing Motorola Experiences functionality. Some Motorola Experiences need access to information in order to function. They may keep the information locally on your Motorola products or they may transfer it to Motorola or a third party. This information may include personal information like the location of your devicecontextual data collected from sensors that describes what you may be doing at the time, and user generated content like app data, calendar entries, contacts, call history, and SMS and MMS messages, and photos, videos, and documents. Some Motorola Experiences may work with companion products like Bluetooth accessories, NFC tags, and other hardware or downloadable software. Motorola Experiences will only access your information if you specifically choose to use them. 

You can choose whether you want to Help Improve Motorola Products or Get Enhanced Support by visiting the Motorola Privacy settings on your Motorola products and turning these options on or off.

You can control whether Motorola Experiences collect information from you by turning them on and off. If you turn off a Motorola Experience, it won’t collect information. You can find these controls by accessing individual Motorola Experiences’ settings.

If you don't want us to create a user profile, you can turn off data collection options in your Motorola Privacy settings and disable Motorola Experiences that collect information. This will stop your Motorola Experiences from collecting new data. Our servers will delete old profile data according to our own policies. If you have questions about what’s in your user profile or if you want to delete data from your profile, you can send a request to or contact our customer service team by phone, email, or Internet chat.

Some Motorola Experiences use Google Analytics for mobile apps to collect performance-related usage information. You can learn more about how Google Analytics handles information by reviewing the Google Analytics Privacy Policy
What kinds of third parties does Motorola share information with?

We limit sharing of information described in this privacy policy to certain types of third parties who help us use it for purposes you have agreed to. They include:

  • Service providers who provide hosting, data analysis, and customer support functions.
  • Motorola affiliates who help provide functionality for the Motorola Experiences and who help us use information as described in this privacy policy.
  • Wireless carriers and their affiliates and service providers, subject to your customer agreement with them.
  • Law enforcement and other government agencies subject to valid legal process.
  • Other third parties helping us protect our rights, our users’ rights, and the rights of others.

How does Motorola store and protect information it has collected and shared?

We use standard technical and organizational safeguards when we transmit information from your Motorola products to our servers, when we store data, and when we share it with third parties. Before we share information with a service provider, we enter contracts with them that restrict their use of information to authorized purposes and require them to use appropriate safeguards to protect the information that we have provided to them. However, no data stored on a mobile device or transmitted over a wireless or interactive network can ever be 100 percent secure, so you should take steps to manage your privacy and security too. By using the Motorola Experiences you understand that you do so at your own risk.

Our products include features designed to help you protect the information you store on your Motorola products like encryption, face unlock, password and PIN unlock, and remote control over your Motorola products so you can locate, lock, and erase lost or stolen devices.

You can learn more about these features by accessing your Motorola products’ Security settings.

When we collect information described in this privacy policy, we will retain it on our servers as long as necessary to support the Motorola Experiences you are using and to comply with applicable laws and our own policies. If you stop using a Motorola Experience, we will delete information uploaded to our servers as required by law and our own policies.

We may transfer, use, and store information that the Motorola Experiences collect outside of the country it came from. These places may include jurisdictions whose privacy laws do not provide equivalent protection to such laws in your home country. We take appropriate steps to treat your information securely and in accordance with this privacy policy, our terms of use, and applicable laws and regulations. Use of the Motorola Experiences constitutes your specific consent to the transfer of information described in this privacy policy.

We use and store information that we collect from the Motorola Experiences in the United States of America. Use of the Motorola Experiences outside of the United States constitutes your specific consent to the transfer of information described in this privacy statement, to the United States, even if United States laws may not provide the same level of protection for collected information as laws applicable in your home country. 
What about my child’s privacy?

The Motorola Experiences are intended for adults and children ages 13 and up who have permission to use them from their parents or legal guardians. We do not seek to collect information about children under the age of 13 and will delete any as soon as we discover it. We also encourage parents to actively supervise their children’s use of the Motorola Experiences. 
How do I contact Motorola’s privacy program?

For other questions or requests about the use of your information, including requests to opt out of the collection or use of certain kinds of information, please contact Motorola's Privacy Compliance Program at:

Motorola Mobility LLC 
Attention: Privacy Compliance Program 
222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1800 
Chicago, IL 60654, USA 


What are the details of how specific Motorola Experiences collect and use information?

Not all Motorola products support all Motorola Experiences. Different Motorola Experiences may be available to you and may vary depending on which Motorola products you own. 


Keeping your Motorola Experiences up to date

When we check for updates, we use information like your mobile phone number; your Motorola products’ unique identifiers; your Motorola Experiences’ version numbers; and whether you’re connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network to know when you have an available update.


Helping Improve the Motorola Experiences and Getting Enhanced



When you choose Help Improve the Motorola Experiences or Enhanced Device Support, we will collect and use information like how well apps perform on your Motorola products; how well your Motorola Experiences are working, the kinds of accessories you use (like headsets and speakers); how often you use different Motorola Experiences and their features; what causes unusual battery drain; and how good your network connectivity is. When we collect this kind of information to Help Improve the Motorola Experiences, we do so in a way that doesn’t identify you or your specific Motorola products. When we collect this kind of information so you can Get Enhanced Support we will link this information to personal information you provide us like your name and contact information and to your Motorola products’ unique identifiers to help troubleshoot your specific issues and to respond to your requests.


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Creating a user profile

Your user profile can consist of information we may have gathered from your visits to our websites, contact with our customer service representatives, and from Motorola products and services that you use. This lets us give certain Motorola Experiences information they need to function, troubleshoot problems you may have, suggest ways to make your Motorola Experiences work better, and provide you with news, updates, and information about Motorola’s products and services. You can learn more about different Motorola Experiences and how they contribute information to or use information from your user profile here.


Providing Motorola Experiences functionality


Certain Motorola Experiences need to process information in order to function. This information may include personal information like your email address and phone number, information from your user profile,contextual data, the location of your Motorola products, and user generated content. These Motorola Experiences may access this information only on your mobile device, or they may collect the information and upload it to our servers. These sections describe these Motorola Experiences in detail.


Certain Motorola Experiences may provide you with controls over certain aspects of how they work, so please remember to check their settings for more details. We’re always improving the Motorola Experiences, so please check back frequently in case we’ve made changes to this privacy policy. 


Active Display

Active Display will display important notifications on the display of supported products so you can get quick access to them without having to power on the screen or unlock your home screen. Active Display accesses user generated content like:

  • Your contacts.
  • Your calendar entries.
  • Information about  apps on your device and the notifications they send you.


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Droid Zap


Droid Zap lets you share user generated content like photos and videos with nearby people who have the Droid Zap app installed on their devices. Droid Zap:

  • Collects your Google account to enable you to share photos and videos with your friends.
  • Uploads your photos, videos, and location to a Motorola server.
  • Stores them long enough to allow people within about 1000 feet to download them with a simple gesture. This will collect recipients' location and Google account.
  • Allows you to apply a random PIN so that only people you share the code with can download your photos and videos.
  • Lets you set up automated content sharing sessions called Zap Zones that automatically share photos and videos participants create with everyone else who has joined the Zap Zone.


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Motorola’s Camera application allows you to:

  • Tag your photos and videos with location data. When you share tagged photos with others, you will also share the location information. If you choose to geo-tag your photos and videos, Motorola’s Gallery app will use the information to help organize your views.
  • Launch the application without touching the screen by using contextual data derived from sensors to detect a launch gesture.
  • Take better pictures by using face detection and other analytics on what’s in your viewfinder to deliver the best image, which may occur before or after you triggered the shutter. You can compare the best image with the original picture you captured in Gallery and select which images to keep. Face detection information stays on your phone and doesn’t get uploaded to Motorola or shared with third parties. To help us troubleshoot performance issues, Camera will store image quality information in your photos’ metadata. Sharing the photos will also share image quality information.




Motorola’s Gallery application has a Highlight Reel feature that helps you make short video clips from your best photos and video scenes. When you create a Highlight Reel, Gallery will analyze and compare faces that appear in your photos and videos (in addition to other quality measurements) to select the best scenes. Gallery keeps all data collected from your photos and videos relating to facial analysis on device and uses it solely to create Highlight Reels.

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Moto makes your device more responsive by giving you more ways to control and interact with it. Moto makes it easier for you to get important notifications, control your device with your voice and gestures, and automate useful settings changes depending on where you are or what you may be doing at the time.


Moto Actions makes it easier to interact with your Motorola products by letting you use simple gestures to perform tasks quickly. Moto Actions will:

  • Dismiss notifications from the Moto Display with a wave.
  • Silence the ringer when you reach for your device.
  • Switch your ringer to vibrate mode and keep the screen on when you’re paying attention to your device.


Moto Actions uses contextual data collected from sensors in supported Motorola products that can detect conditions like ambient noise, attention, proximity, motion, and touch.


Moto Assist uses information about your activities to to automate lets you automate common tasks like:

  • Responding to text messages and starting your music when you’re driving.
  • Muting your ringer when you’re busy in a meeting or asleep.
  • Helping you respond to text messages with your voice when you’re at home.


Moto Assist:

  • Collects about your Motorola products’ current location and uploads it to Motorola to help identify places of interest and to determine when you may be in a vehicle.
  • Uses contextual data obtained from your device’s microphone and sensors like the accelerometer and gyroscope to determine when to activate certain modes, but does not upload it to Motorola.
  • Accesses user-generated content like your calendar entries, contacts, and call history, but does not upload it to Motorola.


Where supported, Moto Assist will utilize Google Activity Recognition to help understand contextual data and determine which modes to activate. Moto Assist provides contextual data to Google Activity Recognition subject to Google’s Privacy Policy.


Moto Display will display important notifications on the display of supported products so you can get quick access to them without having to power on the screen or unlock your home screen. Moto Display accesses user generated content like:

  • Your contacts.
  • Your calendar entries.
  • Information about  apps on your device and the notifications they send you.


Moto Voice lets you control your Motorola products hands-free by speaking commands. It will:

  • Learn to recognize your voice and your launch phrase. This creates a mathematical representation of your voice sample that we use to trigger Moto Voice. If you record a custom launch phrase, Moto Voice will also keep a recording of it on your device for authentication purposes. You can also play it back to remind yourself at any time.
  • Make a short recording after it detects your launch phrase. We use this recording to either process your command or pass it onto Google Voice Search and don’t upload it to Motorola servers unless you specifically agree to share your voice commands with us for performance analysis purposes.
  • See what apps you have installed on your phone so Moto Voice can help you control third-party apps with just your voice.


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Motorola Alert


Motorola Alert lets you alert people important to you when you’re in a location that may not be safe and provide them with information they may be able to use to help you. Motorola Alert:

  • Lets you define places of interest like where you live and work
  • Select emergency contacts from your address book to receive notifications from Motorola Alert..
  • Gives you the option to send automatic messages to emergency contacts based on activities like entering and leaving places of interest or to send predefined messages when you feel like you need help.
  • Lets you trigger an emergency mode, where Motorola Alert will automatically notify your emergency contacts, sound an audible alarm, and enable you to easily place an emergency call.

In order to work, Motorola Alert needs:

  • Access to your contacts so you can pick recipients for alerts. Make sure you keep this information up to date!
  • Your device’s location so you can share it with selected contacts when you send alerts.
  • To use cellular or WiFi networks to send messages and place emergency calls.


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Motorola Connect


Motorola Connect lets you easily manage supported accessories that you pair or sync with your Motorola products, like Bluetooth headsets, wireless speakers, wearable devices, and applications that run on your PC.


Motorola Connect:

  • Checks your location so it knows which supported devices are nearby,
  • Automatically connects nearby supported devices directly (like over Bluetooth) when they come into range, or over the Internet.
  • Syncs information among supported devices so you can switch among them seamlessly.
  • On non-Motorola mobile devices, we also collect information about how often you use Motorola Connect features and how well Motorola Connect is working.

Additionally, some devices Motorola Connect manages rely on additional information in order to work.


The Motorola Connect Chrome Extension lets you send and receive messages, respond to phone calls, and read notifications via an application you install on your computer’s Google Chrome browser. Motorola Connect relies on user generated content like:

  • Your contacts.
  • Your call and voicemail history.
  • Your phone’s text and MMS messages.
  • The country where you’re located.


We sync this information to our servers periodically in order to keep information in the browser extension current. We use location-related information to make sure that we display phone numbers in the right local format but don’t collect it.  Signing out of Motorola Connect from your Chrome browser extension will delete any synced information from our server and from your computer. We also periodically check (but do not collect) your device’s coarse location so the browser extension can display phone numbers properly formatted for the country you're in.

Moto 360 uses sensors built into the wearable device to collect wellness-related data like your heart rate and step count so you can track your progress towards daily and weekly activity goals. You can also create a wellness profile by providing demographic information like your height, weight, gender, and age. This will help your Moto 360 provide more accurate wellness information.


Moto 360 can upload your wellness profile and data to our cloud and add it to your user profile. We use this information to provide you with access to more accurate wellness information like activity statistics over time. We also use it to create new, personalized features for your Moto 360 and other Motorola products.


Motorola Migrate


Motorola Migrate lets you transfer certain content and settings from your old devices directly to your new Motorola products. To migrate from another Android device, you need to install an app on the old device. To migrate from a non-smartphone we may have to automatically install software on your old phone. Motorola Migrate uses wireless antennas to copy user generated content like:

  • Contacts and calendar information not synced to an online account.
  • Text messages and call logs.
  • Photos, videos, and music stored on your old devices.


Using Motorola Migrate from a non-smartphone will only transfer contacts. To migrate from an iOS device, we use a third-party service provider to sync select user generated content from your iCloud account to your Google account. When you add that Google account to your new Motorola device, the migrated content will be available.


Motorola Spotlight Stories

Motorola Spotlight Stories deliver digital content like interactive animated shorts to supported Motorola devices. Motorola Spotlight Stories does not deliver ads to your device or access any of your personal information. Unless you choose to disable it, Motorola Spotlight Stories will:

  • Periodically download new content when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Tell you when you have new content in a special way that's unique to each story, such as a floating icon you can touch to launch the story.
  • Use your devices’ sensors and controls to let you interact with the story in new ways.


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Motorola SmartActions

Motorola SmartActions lets you define rules that automatically change your phone’s settings. You can define triggers like when you’re at a specific location, when you’re connected to a Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi network. You can also define actions to take in response to those triggers, like enabling or disabling phone features, silencing your ringer, and launching applications. Motorola SmartActions uses information like your device’s location, the contents of your calendar, and the applications you have installed on your device, but does not upload it to Motorola.