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Mobile Devices Privacy Policy

RAZR and RAZR MAXX devices running the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system

The MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES Terms and Conditions and the MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES Privacy Statement (collectively the Agreement) form a binding contract between you and Motorola Mobility, Inc., a Delaware corporation, with its principal place of business at 600 US Highway 45, Libertyville, IL 60048, United States of America, (Motorola). Any terms defined in the Agreement will have the same meaning as in both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement. Using the MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES software and services (MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES) constitutes your acceptance of the terms of the Agreement without modification. If you do not accept the terms of the Agreement, then you may not use MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES.


This Privacy Statement applies to your use of the Motorola owned and operated Software and Services (MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES) unless otherwise set out in the Welcome email that you received upon registering your MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES account. This statement does not apply to information Motorola may collect in any other manner, including on its non-MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES websites, through email messages you may send, to authorized Motorola representatives, or otherwise, or to any information collected by a third party such a wireless carrier or third party application developer.

You are responsible for making sure the information you provide to Motorola is accurate and complete and for updating or correcting such information as necessary.

Motorola may update this Privacy Statement to reflect changes to the way MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES collects and uses information from your device. We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Statement for the latest information on MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES's information practices.


In order to operate MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES, Motorola collects and uses certain information about you and your mobile device.

  • A. Information about the performance of your mobile device such as (1) your device's unique serial number; (2) wireless carrier and network type; (3) proximity to cellular towers; (4) your device's model and software version; (5) when your device experiences a software crash; (6) battery performance; and (7) statistical information such as CPU and memory activity, network connectivity, and device reboot history. Motorola uses this information to allow your device to connect to mobile networks; more effectively diagnose specific problems with your mobile device; and perform personalized services such as system restores, backups, software updates, remote diagnostics, troubleshooting, and remote deletion of information.

  • B. Information about the way you use your mobile device such as (1) use of hardware functions like the accelerometer, GPS, wireless antennas, and touchscreen; (2) wireless carrier and network information; (3) use of accessories like headsets and docks; (4) data usage; and (5) anonymous information about how you use certain software features like Settings and Connected Media Applications. This information also includes performance-related data that Motorola has aggregated with similar data collected from other users after removing any personally identifiable information. Motorola uses this information to: (1) develop improvements to MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES and other Motorola products and services; (2) provide further enhancements to its technical support capabilities; and (3) provide you with personalized information and recommendations relating to Motorola and third-party products and services that may interest you.

  • C. Personal Information such as: (1) your email and social network account credentials; (2) user settings and preferences; (3) your email and social network contacts; (4) your mobile phone number; and (5) the performance of applications installed on your device. Motorola uses your personal information to: (1) enable you to access your email and social network accounts, send and receive messages, and communicate with your contacts; (2) help Motorola troubleshoot and optimize the performance of your mobile device; (3) improve MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES and other Motorola products and services; and (4) communicate with you about Motorola products and services. MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES will never collect the specific content of your communications or copies of your files.

  • D. You may also choose to create a MotoCast ID. Your MotoCast ID is associated with other personal information about you, such as your name, email address, and mobile telephone number; as well as technical metadata about your mobile device, such as its model and serial number. Motorola collects and uses your MotoCast ID to enable you to sync and stream content from your computer to your mobile devices, let you configure your mobile devices to automatically upload photos to your computer, back up email and social network accounts and passwords and restore them to other devices using only your MotoCast ID, use your MotoCast ID to log into other Motorola-operated websites and services, and determine what software updates are available for installation on your mobile devices. Motorola may also use this information to email you information that you may interest you such as surveys, recommendations, and special offers.

Motorola will collect and use information for legal reasons such as uses described in the MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES Terms and Conditions, to resolve disputes and collect fees owed, and to comply with applicable laws. Motorola may also collect and use information for other purposes not listed here. Before doing so, it will describe such collection and use of data and, where appropriate, inform you of your choices.


Motorola shares information collected from your mobile device with third parties only as described in this Privacy Statement and only to enable you to utilize the MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES services. Motorola does not share your information with third-party marketers or advertising networks.

Motorola will share the information it collects from your mobile device among: (a) Motorola's affiliates and subsidiaries; (b) third parties who provide services to Motorola and to end users on Motorola's behalf such as customer service, warranty and repair, data analytics, and consumer relationship management; (c) social networks, mobile carriers, and other third parties with whom you have an existing relationship; and (d) third parties who provide products or services directly to you. Any information shared with a third party will be subject to the third party's own privacy policy.

Motorola will also share your information with third parties if it believes it is required by law or contract to do so, if all or part of its business is acquired by a third party, or to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be violating the MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES Agreement or may be violating Motorola's or other's rights or causing injury to or interference with Motorola's or other's property. Unless specifically authorized in this paragraph, Motorola will not share information about your location with third parties except as necessary in connection with the uses described in this privacy statement.


Motorola takes privacy protection seriously. Here are some ways that you can control what information MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES collects and uses:

  • A. Marketing Communications. If you no longer wish to receive marketing communications from Motorola, you may visit or follow the directions contained in the email to remove your name from our mailing list(s). Refusing to provide personal information or denying or withdrawing consent to use personal information as identified in this privacy statement may make you unable to participate in certain Motorola-sponsored programs or activities.

  • B. Personal Information. MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES only collects personal information, social network profile data, and information about websites you visit if you create a MotoCast ID, use the preinstalled web browser and/or MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES applications and widgets like Messaging, Gallery, Music Player, Social Networking and Social Status. If you use non-Motorola applications for email, social networking, sharing content with your friends, and web browsing, then MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES will not collect this information. Even if you decline to use the preinstalled browser or the MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES applications and widgets, your device will continue to collect information about the performance of your mobile device and how you use your mobile device unless you choose to opt out.

  • C. Location Information. MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES only collects and uses information about the location of your mobile device if you have enabled one or more location-based services, such as your device's GPS antenna, Google Location Services, or a carrier-provided location service. If you turn these features off in your mobile device's settings, MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES will not record the location of your mobile device. Attempting to enable location-dependent features of MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES without a location service active will prompt you to turn one on in your device's settings. If you use MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES's location-dependent features, Motorola will make information about the location of your mobile device available to mapping service providers as described in this privacy statement because these features need the mapping service to function properly.

  • D. Opting Out. You may always choose to stop sharing information with Motorola. If you wish to do so, please contact us at We will process your request as quickly as possible. If you choose to opt out of the collection of performance and usage data about your mobile device, you may experience a degradation in the quality of your user experience because Motorola will not have information that it could use to diagnose and resolve performance-related issues with your mobile device.

  • If you have any questions relating to how MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES collects and uses information, please contact Motorola's Privacy Compliance Program. Motorola can disable data collection described in this privacy statement upon your request, but doing so may negatively impact your ability to receive the most effective technical support and may otherwise affect some aspects of your user experience.


For other questions or requests about the use of your information, please contact Motorola's Privacy Compliance Program by email at or by mail at:

Motorola Mobility, Inc.
Attention: Privacy Compliance Program
600 North U.S. Highway 45
Mailstop: W4-35M
Libertyville, Illinois 60048

Motorola processes and stores information collected from your mobile device on servers located in the United States of America. If you reside outside of the United States, your use of MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES constitutes your specific consent to the transfer of your information, including without limitation personally identifiable information and all information described in this privacy statement, to the United States for processing and storage. You also acknowledge that United States law may not provide the same level of protection for collected information as laws applicable in your home country.


Motorola will retain information that it collects from you for as long as your mobile device is active or as needed to provide you with access to MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES and related services. If you wish to cancel your account or request that Motorola cease using your information to provide you with services, please contact us at

The security of your information is important to Motorola. When MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES transmits information from your mobile device to Motorola, MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES encrypts the transmission of that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). Motorola also uses standard technical and organizational security measures to protect information that resides on your mobile device and on Motorola systems. However, no data stored on a mobile device or transmitted over a wireless or interactive network can ever be 100 percent secure, and many of the communications you make using MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES will be accessible to third parties. You should therefore be cautious when submitting any personally identifiable information using MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES, and you understand that you are using MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES at your own risk.

As a global company, Motorola has international sites and users all over the world. The personal information you provide may be transmitted, used, stored, and otherwise processed outside of the country where you submitted that information, including jurisdictions that may not have data privacy laws that provide equivalent protection to such laws in your home country.


Motorola provides MOTOROLA MOBILE SERVICES for use by persons age 16 and over. Motorola does not seek to collect information about children under the age of 16. Children under 16 years of age should not submit information to Motorola. Motorola will delete information collected from children under 16 immediately upon discovery and will not use the information for any purpose. Motorola encourages parents to take an active role in their children's use of any interactive service or device, and to inform them of the potential dangers of providing information about themselves over the Internet.