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Earth Day 2021: Making smarter technology more sustainable

By Motorola
April 22, 2021Share
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Each year, April 22 marks a world-wide commemoration that has become increasingly important to global citizens: Earth Day. At this time last year, we were all working remotely and canceling international travel amidst lockdowns. While 2020 was difficult, the halt in human activity also caused greenhouse gas emissions to plummet by 7% - the largest drop ever recorded. This glimpse of a greener planet showed us how impactful and interconnected our actions are. One year later, we must double down on our efforts to ensure a lasting, positive impact for future generations as we look to the future.

As a Lenovo company, we are always looking for opportunities to use smarter technology to drive meaningful environmental improvements, inside and outside of our business. To read more, view the full article on Lenovo StoryHub here.