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Moto App Tips gets a refresh: learn about your phone's best features

By Motorola
April 26, 2021Share
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At Motorola, we never stop listening to our consumers and are constantly looking for ways to enhance the user experience. It’s the reason we created My UX which includes all the great moto experiences, Moto specific apps and customizations consumers have come to know and love - including Tips.

With Tips users can easily discover all the amazing things their phone can do, whether they just opened up their phone out of the box or received the latest software update. It shows users how to find those time-saving shortcuts, learn about new apps, or get help setting up their device.

To make this experience even easier to navigate, we’re excited to share an all new reorganized look for Tips inclusive of 4 new categories:

What’s New: Helps users navigate all the latest features on Android

Getting Started: Describes the basic fundamentals of using the device

Moto Essentials: Highlights device-specific features as well as Moto’s well-known gestures

Camera: Outlines how to use a specific device’s advanced camera features - like Auto Smile Capture, Gesture Selfie and Night Vision

For more information on all the experiences we offer through MyUX, please visit our website.

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