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New Ready For platform unleashes the power of edge+ for Verizon users

By Motorola
March, 17, 2021Share
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New Ready For platform unleashes the power of edge+ for Verizon users

Over the past year, we've all relied heavily on our phones to work, play, and connect with the world around us. More than ever, we need the flexibility to maximize the most powerful features of our devices and break free from the boundaries of a traditional smartphone experience. Enter Ready For, a versatile platform that amplifies the power of your smartphone beyond the confines of your device. Motorola will launch this exciting new experience for the first time in the U.S. with edge+ users on Verizon.

To experience Ready For, simply connect your edge+ to a portable monitor or TV display via USB-C to USB-C cable or USB-C to HDMI1 . Advance your experience with Motorola’s Ready For dock or add BluetoothⓇ accessories like a mouse, keyboard or gaming controller for more control. There’s no need to download software, change settings, or even open an app to get started. Ready For’s capabilities are easily discoverable with the Experience Hub which lets you explore all the possibilities to extend your smartphone’s capabilities to bigger screens. One click takes you to an easy-to-read dashboard, where all your content is organized and easy to access.

By moving your content to a bigger screen and taking full advantage of the hardware and software on edge+, you’ll be Ready for anything. Ready for better multitasking, thrilling entertainment, and so much more.

Multitask like magic

With everyone working and playing from home, it can be tough to get the connectivity and space you need to get things done. Now you can take your work wherever you want with the convenience of a full desktop experience at your fingertips. When edge+ is connected to a portable monitor or TV, Ready For lets you view multiple windows at once while still using your phone as a phone. Take a closer look at videos, artwork, and documents on a larger display for the ultimate uncluttered workspace powered by blazing fast speeds. You can even connect a Bluetooth® keyboard and mouse for a complete desktop computing experience, no PC needed.1

Make a connection

Whether you’re on a video call for work or just recording something for fun, you deserve to look your best - so why not leverage your phones next-generation connectivity and high-end photography hardware for better results? Now, you have the option to pick between the 108 MP main lens that helps every scene look vivid and clear, or 16 MP ultra-wide lens that lets you capture more people in one frame for the ultimate group video call. Quad Pixel technology compensates for low lighting to ensure everything comes across sharp and bright.

Play it your way

Ready for a more exhilarating, immersive gaming experience on edge+? With the lightning-fast processor of edge+ you’ll never have to worry about falling behind on the leaderboard. Plus, you can recreate the experience of console gaming by bringing your favorite mobile games2 to a bigger screen or a mobile display,1 and even pair a BluetoothTM controller for an intuitive and hands on gaming experience.

See the big picture

Take the already incredible entertainment experience on edge+ to the next level when you connect your phone to an external display. Ready For works with most TV’s or displays,1 so no costly Smart TV is required. And when you’re on the go, you can take your full library of content with you with no need to worry about your passwords to Disney+ or Discovery+. The TV launcher allows you to see all your favorite apps and entertainment at a glance in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Ready For speaks to just how transformative technology can be when amplified to its fullest potential, offering endless opportunities for us to think outside the box of a traditional smartphone experience. This versatile platform is one we plan to build on in innovative new ways moving forward, exploring new capabilities to improve the way we live, work and play with our smartphones.


Ready For will begin rolling out to Verizon edge+ devices in the U.S. on Wednesday, March 17. The update will also include an OS upgrade to Android 11, which gives users new and improved device controls, easier ways to manage conversations, privacy settings, and so much more.

Ready For Dock

Advance your experience even more with the Ready For dock, which holds your smartphone in portrait or landscape mode for easy positioning no matter how you’re using your phone. Easily adjust the angle using its flexible hinge design or mount it on a tripod. Whichever way you choose, an integrated fan keeps things cool while keeping your workspace free from clutter. The new Ready For dock will be available in the U.S. on Amazon.com starting April 19. Pricing will be released closer to launch.

Legal disclaimers

Certain features, services and applications are network dependent and may not be available in all areas; additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply. Contact your service provider for details. Use of this device is subject to the terms of your wireless service plan. This product meets applicable Radio Frequency Emission Exposure Guidelines. Accessories individually labeled. MOTOROLA, Stylized M Logo, MOTO and the MOTO family of marks are trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks is under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2021 Motorola Mobility LLC. All rights reserved.

1 Video-enabled USB-C cable or USB-C-to-HDMI adaptor required; TV or monitor must have HDMI port or USB-C video-in port.

2 Game must support Bluetooth® controller input.

5G service plan and 5G network coverage required; available only in select areas; device not compatible with all 5G networks; coverage/compatibility may be expanded to additional areas in the future. Contact your service provider for details.