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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of LED flashing?
A blinking LED indicates the following status:
Slow blinking:
Your Camera is in setup mode. You can add the Camera to your account in this mode. Out of the box, the Camera is in setup mode. To reset to setup mode, press and hold the PAIR button on the bottom of the Camera untill you hear a beep. The Camera is either connecting to the router or lost the link to the router. Please ensure that the Camera is in the Wi-Fi® signal range.
LED is stable: The Camera is connected to the Wi-Fi® network.
Can I download and store recorded videos locally on my device?
Yes, you can download and save your Motion-Triggered Videos* locally on your device.
Using the app on your iOS smart/mobile device: Whilst playing the video, tap on it and you will notice 3 icons appear: one for downloading the video, the second for deleting and the third one for sharing.
Using the app on your Android smart/mobile device: Whilst playing the video, tap on it and you will notice 2 icons appear: one for deleting the video, and the second for downloading it.
Using the web application on your computer: Go to your timeline, where you will see all your Motion-Triggered Videos. In the left lower corner, a download icon is displayed. When you click on that arrow, you will start downloading the video.
* Please note that the motion-triggered recording feature is part of the limited free-trial, or Cloud Video Recording Service Plan.
For more information about our Paid Plans:
Which platforms are supported for accessing my camera?
At least 0.6 Mbps upload bandwidth per camera (you can test your internet speed on this site:
For more information, please visit: