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Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can access the camera at one time?
If you are accessing in Local Mode, two users are supported, beyond two users all streaming will go through the remote server. This allows for unlimited user access to a single Camera at one time.
How to record motion triggered videos?
Motion triggered videos (using the Free trial or a Hubble plan) can be stored on the pre- installed SD Memory Card.
1. Tap Camera Setting icon.
2. Tap Notifications, then Motion Detection.
3. Activate Detect motion by tapping on the round button on the right hand side of the screen.
4. Select SD card under Record motion. You can also select recording Off or store recording on Cloud.
5. When the SD card is full, you can select Remove oldest clips (10 clips) to free up space for new recording or select to store the recording on cloud by tapping Switch to cloud.
What is the meaning of "Local Camera" and "Remote Camera"?
When you are accessing your Camera from the same wireless network (Home) in which it is configured, it is a Local Camera. When you are accessing your Camera away from your home it is a Remote Camera. You may be using 3G, 4G or 4G LTE or a Wi-Fi connection outside of your home.