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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of video streaming can I get when the battery is fully charged?
The fully-charged built-in rechargeable battery supports up to 3 hours of video streaming.
How many users can access the camera at one time?
If you are accessing in Local Mode, two users are supported, beyond two users all streaming will go through the remote server. This allows for unlimited user access to a single Camera at one time.
What is the significance of LED flashing?

A flashing LED indicates the following status:

Slow flashing - red and blue: Your Device is in setup mode. You can add the Device to your account in this mode. Out of the box, the Device is in Setup mode. To reset to Setup mode, press and hold the PAIR button on the bottom of the Device until you hear a beep.
Slow flashing – blue: 1. During setup the blue LED indicates the camera is ready for connection.
Slow flashing – blue: 2. Once the camera is set up, the flashing blue LED indicates the camera is being viewed using Wi-Fi.