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Say good-bye to contracts. Say hello to Moto

Contracts are so two years ago. Most major carriers now let you bring your own device (and phone number) to their service, giving you lots more options.

With Motorola’s selection of unlocked phones, it’s easy to skip the contract: just choose your carrier and phone, get the right SIM card, and you’re set.

Compare phones

Choose your carrier and phone

Carriers offer a range of plans, and some offer discounts if you bring your own device. Visit your preferred carrier’s site to learn more about your specific plan options.

When picking a Motorola phone, check the tech specifications to find out if it is banded for use on CDMA network, GSM network or both. Sprint, Verizon and U.S. Cellular use CDMA. AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM.

Republic Wireless
US Cellular

All Moto phones

Get a SIM card

If you have current service and the right size SIM card, simply move the SIM from your old device to your new device.

If you need a new SIM card, stop by your local carrier store or visit your carrier's website to obtain a new SIM card and activate service. If you have a Motorola phone or are buying a new Motorola phone, check the tech specifications to find out what size SIM it takes.