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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Humidifier+ work?
You can access your Humidifier+ via "Hubble Connect for Smart Nursery" App locally or remotely from any compatible device.
How many hours can I use the Humidifier+?
The Humidifier+ is capable of humidifying your room for up to 8 hours. Do not humidify to indoor relative humidity levels exceeding 50 percent. Hygrometers, available at local hardware stores, may be used to measure humidity levels. You can also use the Dream Machine, if you have one, to check the Humidity and Temperature within the room. If there are signs of any condensation within the room then the humidity is already high so do not use the humidifier until the humidity level is low again.
Which are the functions available through the Hubble app?
• Mist On/Off
• Mist Output Level (1 – 4 )
• Select Timer (in hours): Select the operation hours from 1 to 12 hours
• Humidifier Schedule: Select the specific calendar day for the Humidifier to operate
• Low Water Level Alert; . Water Filter Replacement Alert