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Moto’s unlocked phones are carrier-friendly so you can move among major U.S. carriers by just swapping SIM cards. This comes in handy when you’re traveling, or when it’s just time for a change.

Plus, you’re in control with Moto phones because they’re no-contract. That means you own your phone and bring your phone to the carrier, not the other way around.


carrier-friendly (adj.)

1. unlocked for use on all major U.S. carriers; switch carriers and keep your phone

Carrier-friendly Moto phones are unlocked and work on on all major networks, which means you can always go with the plan and carrier that’s best for you, wherever you are. You can even switch carriers and take your phone with you. Just swap SIM cards.

Carrier-friendly Moto phones also come with a Moto Pure version of Android, meaning no unnecessary preloaded apps or software. So you get the cleanest user experience along with faster performance.


goodbye, contracts

hello moto

Our phones are no-contract so we make it easy for you to stay connected without a long-term commitment. Carriers offer a range of “bring your own phone” plans for no-contract phones, and some offer discounts if you BYO.

When picking a Moto phone, check the tech specifications to find out if it is banded for use on CDMA network, GSM network or both. Sprint, Verizon and U.S. Cellular use CDMA. AT&T, T-Mobile and Republic Wireless use GSM. Visit carrier sites to learn more about specific plan options.