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seeing is better

The Lenovo Smart Display brings you the best of the Google Assistant with an enhanced visual experience. When you can see what you need, life gets a little easier. You can do more, like tackle a new recipe, watch YouTube videos, check the weather, or pull up your agenda. Just say “Hey Google” and you’ll see.







your kitchen entertainment

As you cook up a storm in the kitchen or wait for your guests to arrive, ask the Google Assistant on your Lenovo Smart Display to pull up a video on YouTube. With the high-definition screen and speaker, everything will look and sound crisp and clear.




Watch YouTube videos or live sports, news, and TV shows via YouTube TV,* plus original content from services like HBO Now.
Use Google Photos to relive memories just by asking or use your device as a digital photo frame.
Listen to music, podcasts, the news, and more. A dual passive radiator expands the low-end bass range for clear, natural, balanced sound.




a helping hand when you need it

Stylish and easy to use, your Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant makes it easier than ever to multitask hands-free. You can even set up Voice Match to create a personalized experience for everyone in your household.




Make an appointment, remember your child’s school trip, check the morning traffic, and more.
Browse recipes online, buy ingredients with Google Express, and follow step-by-step cooking instructions.
With one request, like “Hey Google, good morning,” the Google Assistant can switch on the lights, check the weather, map your commute, and more.




when you see it, you get it

It helps to have an expert on hand when you’re learning something new. That’s why the Google Assistant on your Lenovo Smart Display doesn’t just tell you things—it shows you things, from images, to YouTube videos, to Google Maps routes. So you can see exactly what you need.




Ask for a local French restaurant, and explore the options available in your area with Google Maps.
Ask how to clean a red wine carpet stain, and get a step-by-step tutorial.
Ask for the weather anywhere in the world, for today, tomorrow, or this weekend.




the smarter way to run your home

With the Lenovo Smart Display, managing your home is easy. From the comfort of your kitchen or sofa, you can control over 10,000 smart home products—from air purifiers to coffee makers.§ All you need to do is ask.




Control and monitor your home easily and securely—from your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.
Smart home
Dim the lights, adjust the temperature, or lock the front door, instantly and remotely.
Live feed
Check a live feed of the backyard or who is at the front door.




keep in touch with video calls

Stay connected with family and friends using hands-free video calling on Google Duo. Make or receive calls. When you’re done chatting, physically cover the camera with TrueBlock Privacy Shutter and press the microphone mute button to help safeguard your privacy.




how to set it up

Plug in
Take your Smart Display out of the box and plug in the power adapter.
Sign in
Download the “Google Home” app on your phone/tablet, and sign in on your Google account.
Get connected
The app will show you a new Lenovo Smart Display is nearby. Click to set it up and follow the instructions inside the application until the setup is completed.

Qualcomm® Home Hub Platform (base​ Snapdragon™ 624, Octa-Core A53 1.8 GHz, 14 nm)​

Memory (RAM)

Up to 2 GB

Internal storage

Up to 4 GB

Charger type

Cable and adapter

Display size


Display technology



HD (1280 x 800)

Display design

Direct bonding

Display features

86° wide angle rotating view


142.21 x 263.21 x 12.5–111.36 mm


1 kg (2.2 lbs)



Front camera hardware

5 MP wide angle

Front camera video capture



1.75" 10W full range speaker​ 2 x passive tweeters


2 x 2 dual microphone arrays

Voice control

Google Assistant

Smarter screen

Lenovo Smart Display


2 x 2 WiFi 802.11 ac 2.4G/5G, MIMO

Bluetooth® technology

Bluetooth® BLE & 4.2


Lenovo Smart Display (8)


Cable, Adapter, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card

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Lenovo Smart Display

New from Lenovo: A Smart Display with the Google Assistant.