moto stereo speaker

always ready to rock

Cue up your favorite playlist and turn any room into a DJ booth with moto stereo speaker. Just snap it onto any moto z to instantly enjoy music with powerful audio and richer bass. 

stereo on the go

Snap it onto your moto z and press play. No pairing, no cords.
Enjoying powerful stereo sound on your smartphone is that simple.
Loud and clear
Hands-free speakerphone calls and video chats have better vocal clarity.
Immersive audio
The built-in kickstand creates an immersive audio-visual experience so you can kick back and watch a movie.
Keep going
Your phone’s battery powers the speaker, so you never need to charge it.



Powerful stereo sound

Enjoy music and videos with instantly louder audio and richer bass.

Built-in kickstand

Prop up your phone to experience more immersive music and movies.

No charging required

Your phone’s battery powers the speaker.


No pairing needed

Just snap it on and crank up the sound. No hassle.

Loud and clear speakerphone calls

Go hands-free without compromising vocal clarity.

Works on any moto z

Get stereo sound, just like that, with any phone in the moto z family.

Battery life

Powered by attached phone.


No charging required.


153 x 73 x 15 mm



Integrated kickstand



Number of speakers: 2 @ 28 mm diameter, stereo sound


Loudness: 80 dB @ 50cm


Speakerphone support: Yes.



moto stereo speaker

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