motorola one camera

be ready when inspiration strikes

The 13 MP + 2 MP dual rear camera system with advanced software makes sure every shot is your best.

take creative control

The 8 MP front camera lets you turn everyday selfies into extraordinary ones by adding a blurred background effect in real time.

portraits perfected

Enhance a subject in portrait mode by adding a beautiful blur effect in the background.

give photos more life

Freeze a moment in a video while keeping part of the shot animated to create a cinemagraph, a unique combination of video and photo.

make color pop

With spot color, choose a single color to keep and turn the rest of the photo black & white for a distinctive look.

integrated Google Lens

Search what you see. Find products online, copy and paste text, learn more about landmarks, add events to your calendar, look up movie posters, identify popular plants and animals, and more.

free unlimited storage

Google Photos is the default gallery for all your photos and videos. Your memories are automatically backed up, searchable, and can easily be accessed, shared, and edited from any device.