live healthier with moto body

Moto 360 features Moto Body, full of intuitive tools and trackers that inspire healthier habits. Get help reaching your goals with Moto Body’s recommendations, perfectly tailored to your activity patterns.

getting healthy, by the numbers

stay on track

Staying on track is easier when you can measure what you’re doing. Moto Body tracks your daily steps and distance. Plus, it calculates the calories you burn, whether you’re active or at rest.

make real progress

Moto Body compares your daily performance to previous days, summarizing your weekly progress so you can see when you’re meeting (or surpassing) your goals.

be inspired

Moto Body evaluates your progress, increasing your goals when you’re ready for a bit of a challenge. Throughout the day, Moto Body will even cheer you on as you near your goals.³

get your heart beating

Staying physically active is a must for a healthy heart. The American Heart Association recommends getting 150 minutes of physical activity each week. Moto Body tracks these minutes for you, and sets a goal of 30 minutes per day for 5 days to help you meet it. You can even take a measure of your heart rate at any time.3

stay active and live better

The Moto Body phone app graphs your steps, calorie burn and Heart Activity data to help you analyze your trends over time. Plus, it offers personalized insights, tips, and helpful articles.³

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the perfect running partner

Moto Body Running for Moto 360 Sport tracks and records your time, pace, distance, and heart rate without you having to carry your phone. You can even sync your performance data with other fitness apps like Strava, MapMyRun®, Under Armour Record™ and Fitbit™.