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No touch required

Moto X responds to your voice, without you having to touch it. Sounds simple, because it is.

Say the magic words

You just have to say: “OK Google Now” and give it a command. You can set an alarm, get directions, find out the weather. Not sure what to ask? Say “OK Google Now, help me” and your Moto X will even have an answer for that.

Getting to know you

With just a little training in a quiet room, your Moto X learns to recognize your voice. Then it knows you, even when everyone's talking at once.

In the zone

Already on good speaking terms with your car or headset? Set them up as trusted devices and you won't have to unlock your Moto X when you're connected over Bluetooth.

No pain, no drain

Don’t worry about your battery. Even though Moto X is always ready with a quick response, it’s using a super low-power natural language processor. And, thanks to Crystal Talk, it understands you even in a crowded room or noisy environment.
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