Responsibility Matters

At motorola we believe in protecting the environment, supporting our communities, and creating an inclusive, safe and healthy workplace.

Corporate responsibility business conduct

We take mineral sourcing seriously

At motorola we seek to support positive economic growth and development. We take great care to use validated, conflict-free 3TG sources.

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We'll take it back

An old or outdated motorola device isn't garbage—its journey has just begun! Our take back programs accept anything we make (and even things we don't) for recycling or refurbishing.

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We think in green

We use environmentally preferred materials in our products, but it's our attention to sustainable practices throughout the product's life cycle that really makes the difference.

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Protecting the Environment

At motorola we make a difference in our planet's health through product design, operations and recycling programs.

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Supporting Consumers and Communities

Your mobile device is a big part of your life, and at motorola we want it to be a healthy, safe, and supportive one.

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Achieving High Supplier Standards

We are committed to human rights, labor, ethics, environmental protection, and health and safety in our supply chain.

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Giving Back

Through the motorola mobility Foundation we give generously to our communities by leveraging employee talent and financial support.

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