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new moto folio

Stash your ID or credit card in the super-slim moto z case, and go.

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Shoot photos like a pro with moto g⁵S plus, on sale for a limited time.††

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customize your phone

Whatever you’re into, there’s a moto mod for you. Learn more.


Say hello to unlimited possibilities, features innovated to simplify your life, and always free shipping on orders over $75


5.5” HD display, metal design, and water-repellent coating**

Up to 2-day battery with blazing fast turbopower™ charging§

Fingerprint sensor and quad-core processor with 4G speed

Most advanced camera in its class

Precision-crafted metal design

All-day battery + moto turbopower charging

From $408.00

Transforms with moto mods so you can go beyond what any phone can do

30-hour battery + moto turbopower charging

Our first camera that combines laser autofocus and dual autofocus pixels

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January 9, 2018
make your own moto mod
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