The Motorola Smart Safe Flex


smart home security for everyday items


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smart home security for everyday items

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privacy and security at your convenience

The Flex Smart Safe takes only seconds to install. Seriously. All you need to decide is where you want to put it.
Equipped with patented expandable wings makes for a no-tool and no-stress installation. The Flex provides peace of mind by bringing security, technology, and access together.

notifications & alerts

Virtually all safes are penetrable and vulnerable, yet the smart safe is the only safe that can give 24/7 real-time security intelligence.

calm, cool, & connected

With Wifi connectivity and real-time alerts sent to your smartphone, you'll never feel far from the things that matter most.

for everyday use

The expandable wings adjust to fit the smart safe easily in a cabinet, drawer, or any nook and cranny within your home; and with WiFi connectivity and real-time alerts sent to your smartphone, you'll never feel far from the things that matter most.


24/7 security monitoring

If you prefer not to use a smartphone or cannot connect the safe to the internet, the Smart Safe has both audible and visual alerts that can be seen and heard directly from this unit.

Remote open from almost anywhere

Remote open the safe door from anywhere or have customer service open it up for you in the event you misplaced your keys and forgot your code.

Intelligent alerts on your smartphone

Because access to medications is critically important, a pair of back up keys are provided with each safe in case of emergency.

Easy "no tool" installation

The patented expandable wing system provides the user with an unparalleled range of fast, simple and secure installation options.

Convenient smartphone accessibility

Download the Motorola Smart Safe app on the Apple Store or Google Play for instant alerts and reminders.

Internet connected

By connecting the Smart Safe to the internet via Wi-Fi, it communicates in real-time to provide security alerts and intelligent medication reminders via text, email or the Motorola Smart Safe app.

Batteries Required
4 x AA Alkaline (not included)

Interior Dimensions
5.6" x 8.4" w x 2.5"d

Weight with batteries

Exterior Dimensinos
6.0"h x 12.8" w x 3.4"d

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