Android 9 Pie
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Do more—with the power of artificial intelligence.

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more natural navigation

Switch from app to app with intuitive gestures, not buttons. Available on most phones.*
Swipe up for recent apps
Swipe tray up for the app tray
Single tap to return home
Long press to activate Google Assistant
Swipe left to go back
Swipe right to flip between the last two apps

smarter notifications

Respond in a tap with predictive short replies. Plus, get prompts to turn off app notifications you often swipe away.

personalized brightness

Your brightness settings change automatically as your environment and activities change.

longer-lasting battery

An adaptive battery constantly learns which apps and services you don’t use as much and reduces their drain.

easier volume controls

A new design places the onscreen volume controls close to the physical volume buttons. And, now the controls adjust media volume by default, with ring and alarm volume control just a tap away.

a new screenshot shortcut

Easily snap screenshots straight from the power menu and then immediately draw, annotate, crop, or delete them.

rotation when you need it

When your phone detects it changed orientation, it displays a temporary rotation button, even if auto-rotate is off.

disconnect when you want

Customize your Do Not Disturb settings to no only silence notification sounds, but also pause notification visuals except from starred contacts.

small design changes make a big difference

Find the time in the upper left corner, enjoy colors in the settings menu, explore revamped quick settings and a new recent apps menu, and more.

with Android 9, get even more AI-powered features

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