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Motorola Software and Apps

Your phone comes packed with software and apps we've built to make your life easier.


Motorola Alert
Keep loved ones in the loop.

You can use Motorola Alert to let your friends and family know where you are and if you need assistance. Here’s how it works:

  • Automatically notify those closest to you when you’ve left or arrived at a specific location.
  • Send a text message to specified contacts if you want them to meet you somewhere. Or, if you’d like them to be updated periodically about your location.
  • In an emergency, quickly sound an alarm or auto-dial an emergency number that you set.

Motorola Migrate
Move to a new phone — fast and easily.

When you’re ready for your next Motorola phone, Migrate takes care of transferring contacts*, photos, and videos with a single click so you can enjoy your new phone faster.

*Transfer of contacts and calendar available for iOS

Motorola Connect

Set up and keep up with all of your Motorola devices and accessories in one place. With a brand new look and feel, the Motorola Connect app gives you more control over of your day.

Motorola Camera
An easier way to capture moments.

You’ll never take a photo the same way again. Touch anywhere on the screen to take a photo (even while recording video) and take multiple pictures just by holding down your finger. Plus, navigate to settings with a simple swipe.

Help app
In-hand assistance.

Just ask and get quick, specific support based on the phone in your hand.