Motorola Apps

Your phone comes packed with apps we've built to make your life easier.


Motorola Assist

Assist, for the win

Motorola Assist recognizes when you shouldn’t be bothered, like when you’re sleeping or driving.

Motorola Alert

Keep loved ones in the loop

You can use Motorola Alert to let your friends and family know where you are and if you need assistance. So everyone can rest easy. Here’s how it works:

  • You can use Motorola Alert to automatically notify those closest to you when you’ve left or arrived at a specific location.
  • You can use Motorola Alert to send a text message to specified contacts if you want them to meet you somewhere. Or, if you’d like them to be updated periodically about your location.
  • And in an emergency situation, you can use Motorola Alert to quickly sound an alarm or auto-dial an emergency number that you set up.

Wireless Display

From phone screen to the big screen

Show anything on your phone that's Miracast™-enabled, on your TV, with Wireless Display.

Motorola Migrate

Make the switch from old to new

The Motorola Migrate app can easily move stuff from your old phone to your new Motorola phone.

Motorola Connect

Get the message

See your text messages and calls, on your computer’s Chrome browser.

Moto Care

The complete package

Just ask, and get quick, specific support based on the phone in your hand.