Long Live Earth

We know that the future of our business, our families, and our customers depends on the health of the planet. We work hard to minimize the the environmental impacts of our operations and products throughout their lifecycle.

Device Design

We identify ways to make every product greener following these design principles:

  • Use environmentally preferred material
  • Increase the amount of recycled materials used
  • Improve energy-efficiency
  • Reduce packaging
  • Increase the recyclability of our products

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We are working to reduce the amount of potentially hazardous substances in our products and to find environmentally sound alternatives, while maintaining performance and quality. We have a continuing program to research and monitor independent scientific reviews of the environmental and health impacts of materials. The result is a growing list of product restrictions and environmentally sound alternatives.

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Motorola Mobility’s Global Packaging team works hand in hand with our carrier partners to reduce the weight and volume of our retail packaging while expanding the use of recycled materials. Wherever possible, we design and engineer our product packaging with “minimizing environmental impact” as an integral part of our design brief. Motorola Mobility supports the CTIA Green Packaging guidelines.

Examples of current packaging initiatives include:

  • Use of FSC® certified paper
  • Use of water-based adhesives
  • Use of 100 percent recycled content pulp packaging parts, replacing plastic parts
  • Use of soy/vegetable based inks as well as zero VOC UV inks
  • Program-to-program reduction initiatives
  • Increasing packaging density per pallet

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