Motorola’s Language Revitalization Initiative

Motorola is committed to embracing inclusivity in our mission to provide smarter technology for all. That’s why, in 2021, we announced a language revitalization initiative, becoming the first OEM to fully support two indigenous endangered languages (Nheengatu from the Amazon and Kaingang from South/Southeast Brazil) on our mobile devices. In February 2022, in partnership with the Lenovo Foundation, we took this commitment to digital inclusion a step further by announcing the arrival of the Cherokee language into our user interface on Motorola devices that support Android 12*. With this project, we are working toward delivering a mobile experience that embraces all of our users and contributes to the survival of indigenous languages and cultures.

Cherokee Language Corpus

English-Cherokee sentence pairs here

Kaingang Language Corpuses

English-Kaingang sentence pairs here

Portuguese-Kaingang sentence pairs here

Nheengatu Language Corpuses

English-Nheengatu sentence pairs here

Portuguese-Nheengatu sentence pairs here

Kangri Language Corpus

English-Kangri sentence pairs here

Maori Language Corpus

English-Maori sentence pairs here

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*The motorola edge+ is our first North American device on Android 12. However, all our subsequent North American and Global devices launching on Android 12 after April and beyond, including upgrades, will in fact have Cherokee User Interface language supported.