LMSA tool.

Our Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant (LMSA) tool
can help diagnose and resolve issues on your
Motorola phone or Lenovo phone/tablet.
Download LMSA

what LMSA can do


Software Issues
A full software reflash might avoid a time consuming repair or even speed up a slow phone. Watch video


Hardware Issues
Using the interactive testing app, pinpoint problems with your camera, microphone or other hardware features.


Safely back up your data before performing a software reflash then restore it again afterwards.


LMSA Toolbox
Try the other LMSA features as well - create ringtones, take video screenshots and more.

three easy steps


1. Install our PC client
Click the link below to begin downloading LMSA to your desktop.


2. Connect your phone
Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cord.


3. Explore the tool
Use LMSA to reflash your software, test your hardware and more.

Need help getting started?

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about LMSA.