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Bring your ideas to life with materials such as supple leather, natural wood, and metal. Best of all, almost everything you customize is included (but you can upgrade if you want!).
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You’ll see what your device will look like as you choose colors and materials. Buying a phone? Select extra memory, a contract, or a completely unlocked version.
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It usually only takes a couple days to build your device, so you won't wait long to receive it. Bonus: Shipping is always free, and you can take advantage of $0 down and 0% interest with Motorola credit when you check out.**
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moto z force droid

  • Guaranteed shatterproof display
  • 40-hour battery*
  • 21 MP camera
  • Transforms with Moto Mods™

moto z droid

  • World’s thinnest premium smartphone
  • 30-hour battery*
  • Low-light camera
  • Transforms with Moto Mods™

moto z play droid

  • 50-hour battery—our longest-lasting ever*
  • Class-leading 16 MP camera
  • TurboPower™ charging—9 hours of power in only 15 minutes

moto g⁴ plus

for 64 GB
  • 16 MP camera with laser autofocus and more
  • Blazing-fast TurboPower™ charging
  • Instantly unlock your phone using only your fingerprint
  • Exclusive customization options available in Moto Maker, including real bamboo backs

moto g⁴

  • 5.5" Full HD display
  • 13 MP camera for crystal-clear photos and wide-angle selfies
  • Battery that lasts a full day and then some*
  • Carrier-friendly—works on major U.S. carriers

droid turbo 2

for 64 GB
  • World's first shatterproof display (5.4")
  • 21 MP camera with zero shutter lag and color-balancing LED flash
  • 48-hour battery + TurboPower™ charging*
  • Up to 128MB storage with optional microSD card (sold separately)