moto shattershield™ replacement lens for moto z force droid

Moto Z Force Droid has a guaranteed shatterproof display thanks to Moto ShatterShield’s exclusive five-layer shatterproof system. Now with narrow borders and a thinner design.

exclusive technology

Moto ShatterShield’s exclusive five-layer shatterproof system now features narrow borders and a thinner design.

Layer 1: Scratch-resistant replaceable lens
Layer 2: Primary polycarbonate lens
Layer 3: ShatterShield touch sensor
Layer 4: Flexible OLED display
Layer 5: High strength aluminum core

replacing your lens

The Moto ShatterShield display on your Moto Z Force Droid features a 5-layer system that’s guaranteed not to crack or shatter. And now, fixing a scratched or dented screen is as simple as replacing its outer lens with a smooth new replacement lens.

You have the option of purchasing the replacement lens and doing it yourself, or if you prefer, we can replace it for you. Simply click here to send it in to Motorola service. To replace the lens yourself, check out this Moto tutorial for Droid Turbo 2. Different phone, but same process!