Charge through life with turbopower™

Charging shouldn’t take forever. That’s why there’s turbopower™ technology from motorola. It's designed to give you hours of power in just minutes, so you can power up without slowing down.

What is turbopowerTM?

turbopower™ is more than a family of fast chargers. It’s a complete system designed to work together, achieving the maximum amount of charge in the least possible time. And by developing a complete charging system, motorola engineers can optimize any of the hardware and software components so that they work better together. The result? The fastest charging available on the market today.

What makes the turbopowerTM system unique?

A better battery
motorola works with manufacturers to design a custom battery that meets our exact specifications. Only turbopowerTM starts with battery design to achieve the fastest possible charging and the longest overall battery life.
Smarter software
turbopowerTM uses the phone software to monitor the current state and health of the battery. The software automatically adjusts the amount of charge delivered at every stage, resulting in optimal charging rates from the moment you plug it in.
Cooler charging
Thermal management is critical to top performance. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat can damage a battery. The turbopowerTM system is designed to avoid charging slowdowns due to heat, maintaining a steady and fast charging rate.

turbopowerTM out-charges the competition.

In head-to-head charging comparisons, turbopowerTM chargers deliver significantly more charge in 15 minutes than other major phone manufacturers. Get the world’s fastest charging with moto x pure edition and Droid Turbo 2—plus the turbopowerTM 25 charger.

Not just for motorola

Fastest on motorola. Faster everywhere.
turbopowerTM wall and car chargers work best with motorola phones but will charge any Qualcomm® Quick Charge 2.0 compatible smartphone or tablet at blazing speeds. Find the complete list of compatible phones here.
One charger for all your stuff
Leave all your other chargers at home. You can can power up any USB-powered device at standard speeds with a turbopower™ charger—phones, tablets, cameras, gaming stations—you name it.*

turbopowerTM 15

turbopowerTM 15 gives you hours of power in just minutes.