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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the output specs on this charger?
Standard is 5 volts at 1.6 amps.
Turbo 1 is 9v at 1.6 amps.
Turbo 2 is 12v at 1.2 amps.
The turbo outputs are controlled by the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 interface, and the charger will not enter those modes unless connected to a compatible device.
Can this charger be used on a 220 volt outlet?
Yes, this charger has universal input, from 90 up to 264V.
Does this have a safety feature that stops charging when the device is charged 100%?
Yes. Once the device is charged to 100%, it will enter standby mode.
How long is the cable?
1 meter (ca. 3.3 ft)
If I replace the short cable with a longer one (non-Moto), does it still activate turbo charge?
The short answer is, it depends on the length and the quality of the cable used. The original Motorola data cable was specifically designed for this charger, so you would have to do some experimentation to find out if a different cable would work. As cable length increases, it becomes necessary for thicker gauge power conductors to compensate for voltage drop. If the thickness of the gauge power conductor is not increased enough to compensate the voltage drop, the turbo charge will not activate.
Can I use this same data/charge cable for transferring photos and other data from my Motorola phone to a computer?
Yes. The cable, which is included with the charger, is a full function USB 2.0 data cable that can transfer data between the phone and computer when connected.
Does this work with the Moto Z; as in, will it charge the phone in turbo charger mode when using a USB-C cable?
To use this charger with the Moto Z, you need a USB to USB-C cable. The charger itself is capable of powering the Moto Z family, but this version ships with a micro-USB cable, so it will not work out of box for the Moto Z.
Does this charger work with Moto E?
It works, but will not turbo charge because the Moto E does not have the turbo capability.
How can I decide which micro-USB charger I should purchase? TurboPower15 or TurboPower25?
It depends on the maximum power your device can draw. If your device can only draw a maximum of 15W (for example: Moto G4 Plus), TurboPower15 will be sufficient as the 25W charger cannot provide faster charging. i.e. Your maximum 15W capable phone charges at the same rate using either 15W or 25W chargers. However, if your device can draw full 25W (for example: Moto X Style and Moto X Force), TurboPower25 will be the choice.