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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the night vision mode feature?
You can set the screen off time of the parent unit after being in idle mode for a particular time interval. Press the MAIN MENU button when the Parent Unit is not in Use. Press LEFT button or ZOOM/RIGHT button to scroll to FLASHING SCREEN icon. Press UP/VOLUME or DOWN/VOLUME to select 60m, 30m, 5m or OFF. Press OK to confirm your selection.
Can I turn off the Parent Unit screen?
You can turn off the Parent Unit screen without switching off the Parent Unit. When the screen is turned off, you can still hear sound from the Baby Unit. Press the POWER ON/OFF button on the Parent Unit to turn off the LCD screen, but still leave the audio monitor on. Press any key on the Parent Unit to turn on the screen again.
When it is on split screen viewing which room do you hear or can you hear both?
The MBP483 can be paired with up to 4 cameras. If more than one camera is paired with the Parent Unit, you can select which camera to view or set it in Patrol mode, where the Parent Unit automatically cycles through the paired cameras about every 10 seconds. You can hear the camera that you're watching at the moment, not both at the time. This monitor doesn't have split screen feature.